Laughter Yoga Taster Session
// Sponsored by Fortem People

No need for a can do it at your desk!

The benefits of laughter is therapeutic and given the year we have all just endured we thought we would bring you a little bit of happiness!

Fortem People are sponsoring this event so you can laugh your bum off for free!

Pete Cann the Laughter Man

Can you remember just how fantastic a good laugh feels? If someone could bottle that laughter lift feeling the world would be a happier and healthier place, right? Well, guess what, Laughter Yoga can give you all of these feelings,each and every time you practice it.

My name’s Pete Cann but my laughter yoga friends know me as Pete Cann the Laughter Man. A couple of years ago I discovered the health, happiness and wealth benefits that laughter can bring and now I’ve made it my life mission to bring laughter to the whole wide world.

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