Little Miss Yorkshire's Family Wellness WALK
@ Skipton Woods

Or you can do the wellness scavenger hunt wherever you like!

Little Miss Yorkshire's Wellness Walk

Join Gemma, Skipton’s very own Little Miss Yorkshire, on a family wellness walk around Skipton Woods.

Gemma has designed a scavenger hunt designed to get kids more involved in nature, mindful of their surroundings, taking everything in!

You can download the scavenger hunt below, and there will be some available in Skipton Woods on Saturday 12th June (once they’re gone, they’re gone).

Gemma has also written her guide to wellness walking with children, view the blog post at the Little Miss Yorkshire website (link below).

We have designed the scavenger hunt around Skipton Woods but you can do it wherever you like. Get into the garden, along the canal, go to the park….just get outside and have fun!

Download the Scavenger Hunt
Print at home or follow the hunt on your phone. PDF Version Image version

Meet Little Miss Yorkshire. Gemma is a local girl who works in a wellness role for a large national construction form. She now writes a family blog called Little Miss Yorkshire where she showcases the best of the region’s walks, including many family friendly walks.

Gemma Little Miss Yorkshire

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