Skipton Moor is a fantastic walk! 


You can walk from the town centre up to Skipton Moor or park at the top of Shortbank Road. Follow the rocky path up through the trees and you’ll have lovely views over the town. The path bears left and then you will see a stile onto the moor.

Once on the moor, follow the worn path upwards. It is a steady climb and can make you a bit out of puff, but just keep going! You will come to a gate with a stone stile next to it. Hop on over and you’re nearly there! You’ll be able to see a pile of stones so head towards it.

Once you get to the stones you’ll see the Trig Point and other stone monuments. You can take your dog up the moor, try to keep them on the path or on a lead if there are animals in the field (we saw some very friendly cows) and make sure you take you poo bags home with you! 

If you walk up Skipton Moor this week make sure you tag Skipton Wellness Week and use the hashtag #SkiptonWellnessWeek #LittleMissYorkshire

Meet Little Miss Yorkshire. Gemma is a local girl who works in a wellness role for a large national construction form. She now writes a family blog called Little Miss Yorkshire where she showcases the best of the region’s walks, including many family friendly walks.

This week Little Miss Yorkshire is sharing one of her favourite walks each day…with a big finale on Saturday with “Little Miss Yorkshire’s Wellness Hunt” – a scavenger hunt for you and your little ones to get outside, connect with nature, stop and breathe!

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