T'ai Chi Skipton
@ Julie Jones

At Elsworth Kitchen

T'ai Chi Skipton

Julie is offering a 45 minute introduction to T’ai Chi at Elsworth’s Kitchen (upstairs) on Tuesday 8th June at 3.30 and Thursday 10th June at 3.30, where she will tell you about T’ai Chi and its’ history, and demonstrate some of the Form and the moves involved. She will tell you about the classes she runs, and how you can become part of this world wide martial art.

The presentation is free – just order yourself a drink on your way upstairs, from the Elsworths kitchen!
Places are limited by space, so please contact Julie on 07765 070 412 or taichiskipton@gmail.com to book your place.

T’ai Chi Skipton with Julie Jones, offers beginner classes in Lee Family Style T’ai Chi in Skipton and Cracoe.

There has never been a better time to start practising this ancient martial art.

T’ai Chi involves slow meditative movements, which still the mind and increase the awareness of self. Deep breathing exercises, timed to the moves, reduce stress and tension. T’ai Chi has been helping to keep people healthy for thousands of years, helping improve posture, balance, breathing, co-ordination and relaxation. Julie will make this sometimes daunting discipline accessible for all.

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